Cow Parade Houston, TX2000

CowParade has become one of the most successful public art exhibits because it is literally open for all to see, unlike galleries and museums millions view their work and artists receive an honorarium for their participation. None of this would be possible however, without the support of our sponsors.

Interested in becoming part of the herd? Find out how to become a sponsor in upcoming CowParade events.

Duke Energy has a long, rich history and a story that weaves tightly with the communities and regions it serves.

The history of Duke Energy is a varied tapestry that intertwines the traditions from more than one company - companies that have joined with Duke Energy over nearly 100 years of operation.

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H-E-B Grocery Company
mooBeaux Vines
mooBeef Stew
mooMiss Moolicious
mooIce Cream Lover
mooLivin' La Vaca Loca
mooMarilyn Moviestar Cowicature
mooTexas Hillcountry Armoodilla
mooTexas Wildlife
mooGumball Machine
mooThe Moon Jumped onto the Cow
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Hannah, Oliver and Rita Herzog
more about sponsor
The Hoglunds
mooCowvis - You Ain't Nothing But a Cow-Dog
more about sponsor
John and Mildred Holmes Family Foundation
more about sponsor
The Holthouse Foundation for Kids
mooLet's Hand it to the Cows!
more about sponsor
The Houston BMW Group
mooLocomotion Cow, Cow, Cow - Destination Milky Way
mooM Cow
mooThe Ultimate Mooing Machine
more about sponsor
Anonymous Friend of the Houston Center for Photography
mooQuincenera Cow
more about sponsor
Houston Chronicle
mooCity of Gold Cow
mooHouston Chronicow
mooMoocho Cow
mooThe Steering Committee
mooTexas Historic Cow
mooMoogritte Texas Cow
more about sponsor
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
mooBull Fight'n Bossie
more about sponsor
Houston Producer's Forum
mooTexacow Gusher
more about sponsor
The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa
mooChocolate Moo-se
mooMooscle Cow
mooThe Cowntessa Checks In
mooMiss Cowsmoopolitan the Divine Bovine
more about sponsor
Diana Hudson
mooCowllege Bound
more about sponsor
Barbara and Charles Hurwitz
mooCow Art
more about sponsor

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