Cow Parade Houston, TX2000

CowParade has become one of the most successful public art exhibits because it is literally open for all to see, unlike galleries and museums millions view their work and artists receive an honorarium for their participation. None of this would be possible however, without the support of our sponsors.

Interested in becoming part of the herd? Find out how to become a sponsor in upcoming CowParade events.

Duke Energy has a long, rich history and a story that weaves tightly with the communities and regions it serves.

The history of Duke Energy is a varied tapestry that intertwines the traditions from more than one company - companies that have joined with Duke Energy over nearly 100 years of operation.

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The Galleria
moothe Cowlleria
more about sponsor
Gallery Furniture
mooSave You Moolah
more about sponsor
Rhonda and Paul Gerson
mooCamp for Allasaurus
more about sponsor
GHBA Benefit Homes Project
mooMooon Dreams
mooOver the Moon
more about sponsor
Alfred and Clare Glassell
mooHalf & Half
more about sponsor
mooFaux Cow
more about sponsor
John and Carroll Goodman
mooDeep in the Heart of Texas
mooGeorgia O'Beefe
mooMiss Azalea
mooIC Polo Cow
mooTexas Moo-bonnets
more about sponsor
Meg Goodman
mooChange and Scents
mooSpider Cow
mooYellow Rose
mooFabulous Moo Palma
more about sponsor
Gracely Footprints Foundation
mooHolsteen Cowlajuwan
more about sponsor
Robert H. Graham Family
mooInvisible Cow
more about sponsor
Board of Directors of the Greater Houston Convention & Visitor's Bureau
mooHarris Cownty
mooHoly Cow, Let's Play Ball
more about sponsor
Greenway Plaza
mooI'm Houston Cowed
more about sponsor

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