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Title: Moo-ow
Location: Market Square: Preston and Milam
Artist: Jim Tweedy
Sponsor: CowParade Houston

The "Moo-ow" cow features a recreation of "Family Reunion", Tweedy's most
recognized image among RedCat collectors and one of his sold out limited
silk screen editions. Dozens of RedCats cover Charlie as he peers out from the middle of all the action wearing his trademark sunglasses. He is honoured to be seen on the side of a cow because he loves milk so much. Large yellow sunglasses come with the cow for the optional cool effect.

Jim Tweedy is an artist living in New Orleans. He has been a professional
artist for over twenty years, graduating from the New Orleans Art Institute
in 1979. In 1992 his creation "Charlie the RedCat" ignited a feline
phenominon for the red furred fat cat. Based on his own studio cat
"Charlie," Tweedy has created and sold nearly six hundred original RedCat
paintings and thousands of art prints over the past nine years. Today,
Charlie the RedCat is seen on everything from calenders to best selling art
books, umbrellas to plush dolls even his own line of clothing. You can learn more about Charlie the RedCat on his website,

This cow was sold in Flight 3 of the internet auction hosted by that ran from December 12 - 18, 2001.

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