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Title: Mirrabell the LuMOOnary Cow
Location: Houston Center for Contemporary Craft: Main Street and Rosedale
Artist: Cheryl Tamborello
Karen Nimon
Sponsor: Sara and Bill Morgan

The creation of Mirrabelle, the Lu-moo-nary Cow utilizes a rich mosaic of individually cut and broken pieces of mirror. Her hoofs, horns and crowning tiara are composed of cut stained glass. Mirrabelle is an eye-catching and dazzling array of natural light. Integrated within her mosaics are a few whimsical design elements that attest to her Texan heritage.

Another appealing aspect of Mirrabelle is that the combination of her materials produces a unique tactile quality. Spectators will find great enjoyment in their natural desire to touch and caress this bovine beauty.

Merrabelle was born from the collaborative energies of two artists who share a long-standing friendship and have provided each other with artistic support and spontaneity.

The artists’ inspiration for Mirrabelle’s mosaic mirrored motif represents the life saving efforts of the CowParade’s beneficiary, Texas Children’s Hospital, whose staff is often faced with piecing back together children’s lives that have experienced shattering illnesses and diseases.

This cow was sold in the live auction conducted by Sotheby's on December 6, 2001 at the Wortham Center.

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