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Title: Grazeful Cow
Location: Texas Southern University: TSU Museum - 3100 Cleburne Avenue
Artist: Maya Imani Watson
Sponsor: Freefone Media Inc.

Adorned with golden hooves, delicious purple spots, and delicate butterfly wings, this Grazefull Cow moooooved sightseers throughout her appearance in Cowparade Houston. According to artist Maya Imani Watson, Purple is a color that is royal and spiritual, and Grazefull Cow “celebrates the fullness of life and the presence of those amazing beings available to us in our lives which enable us to grow.” The artist explains, “butterflies are symbolic of change and transformation, something that is inevitable in our lives. The lei of flowers acknowledges a higher power at work.”

Watson adds, “It is my hope that people will take delight in the simple elegance of Grazefull Cow. I have been in the halls of Texas Children’s Hospital with my own nieces and seen the magnificent job the people do. I have been impressed by the state of the art facility and recognize the power of art to change the entire dynamics of those spaces. I hope my cow raises the hope and anticipation of some young person.”

Art has been an integral part of Watson’s development. She is driven by the creative force and its capacity to evoke change, to inspire and motivate others. Attending the High School for Performing Arts in Houston, majoring in Fine Arts at Mount Holyoke in South Hadley, Massachusetts, and continuing to complete an MBA/Arts Administration program at SUNY Binghamton, in upstate New York, the casual observer can see the role of art and its penetration throughout the artist’s life. Watson currently serves as Museum Registrar/Exhibitions Coordinator at the University Museum at Texas Southern University.

This cow was sold in Flight 3 of the internet auction hosted by that ran from December 12 - 18, 2001.

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