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Title: Udderly Glazing
Location: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts: Richmond and Fountainview
Artist: Diana Selby
Karin Weindorff
Sponsor: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts - Houston

Uddlerly Glazing is the joint work of Diana Selby and Karin Weindorff. It represents the famous Krispy Kreme doughnut-making machine. The bottom half of the cow is the machine complete with conveyor belt and plenty of gears and bolts in a metallic silver finish. The top half is filled with the trademark Krispy Kreme field of white with green dots. The doughnuts start their journey on the back of the cow, rising as they travel up and down in trays, then continuing down a ramp and into the fryer where one side is fried to a golden brown. The doughnuts are flipped to complete the browning process, continue up a ramp and down under a waterfall of glaze, completing their journey on the head of the cow where glaze is oozing down onto the conveyor belt. The cow sports green eyes, signature red on the horns and hooves, and grazes on several doughnuts in a patch of grass.

This cow was sold in Flight 5 of the internet auction hosted by that ran from December 21 - 29, 2001.

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