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The average life span of a cow is 25 years.

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Title: Funseekers
Location: City Hall: Smith and Walker
Artist: Janice Joplin
Sponsor: Duke Energy

The Funseekers Cow is the embodiment of the Ms. Joplin’s colorful Beach Lady designs. There are six robust swimsuited gals are all waving and having fun in the parade. The cow’s legs are transformed into high heal wearing gams. The tail is a grand mermaid. The lady in the Texas flag suit leaves no doubt where this cow is from.

Ms. Joplin explains, “Ceramic Art history is the inspiration of my design: artifacts of Etruscan female figures that we believe symbolized motherhood and fertility. They make me feel happy to look at them. The beach ladies are a distant cousin and evoke smiles from the viewers and sometimes laughter. The message the cow conveys is to take time to enjoy your life, smile and seek fun.”

This cow was sold in the live auction conducted by Sotheby's on December 6, 2001 at the Wortham Center.

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