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A cow eats about 100 pounds of grass each day.

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Title: www.e.cow
Location: American General Center: Allen Parkway and Waugh Drive
Artist: American General Web Services Team
Sponsor: American General

The e-cow represents the “no-bull” nature of the Internet and what it has done to our lives. She is a commentary on a society that has quickly embraced the World Wide Web as a source for entertainment, information, business, and relationships.

Artists Paula and David first thoughts on what to do with the cow immediately centered on technology and e-business. This is where they both worked and understood the impact that the Internet was having on society. “Surfing the Net” quickly became the overall theme and a surfboard was a natural extension. We wanted to make a bold statement about the power of the Web, and what better way to do it than a life-size cow on a vintage eleven-foot Dextra surfboard.
This remarkable statue can now be yours. So, be part of the fun, and help an incredible cause along the way. Proceeds from the auction will benefit the Texas Children’s Hospital Building for Children capital campaign and will help fund the expansion of the Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

This cow was sold in Flight 5 of the internet auction hosted by that ran from December 21 - 29, 2001.

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