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Title: Deep in the Art of Texas
Location: 1100 Louisiana: Louisiana and Lamar- tunnel
Artist: Elizabeth Hornik
Sponsor: Jackson Walker L.L.P.

It is estimated that there are about nine thousand pieces of glass on the cow along with the stained glass window that is located inside. It took about five hundred hours of labor to create.

According to the artist, “I have worked with stained glass for about three years. I love the juxtaposition of the delicacy of the material with the permanence of this final piece. I wanted the cow to have a mosaic finish but added the window in order to stretch the versatility of the form. The only way to do this was to create a tunnel through the middle of the cow and place the window inside.”

The cow is really a cliché but the artist has a strong affection for the indulgence of the Houston arts community. Hornik states, “I love the range of artists that our city has from the urban mechanical folk artists to the glittery refined fine artists that the city that love them back.” Many clichés were used in the design of the cow, from the rhinestone hearts where Houston is located with the “Eyes of Texas” to the lush and verdant growth of the tropical landscape. The background represents the ever-present sun and the blue grass is reminiscent of the big Texas sky that welcomes all Texans home.

This cow was sold in the live auction conducted by Sotheby's on December 6, 2001 at the Wortham Center.

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