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Title: Crazy Cow-ilt
Location: The Children's Museum: Binz and LaBranch
Artist: Julie Brook Alexander
Sponsor: Drew, Julie, Kevin & Amy Alexander

The 2001 Long-term Cancer Survivor Celebration welcomed a special guest – a life-size cow awaiting the helpful hands of young cancer survivors and their families. A rainbow of varied fabrics sparked the imagination of the group. With these pieces, the celebrants decorated the cow to suggest the black and white spots of a real bovine beauty. After the celebration, decorative designs were added to suggest the look of embroidered quilt. Quilt making traditionally suggests entire communities gathering to complete a project. Quilts themselves suggest warmth and fun. This cow captures the essence of CowParade Houston 2001, uniting a unique community’s creative spirit with expressive artistic elements.

2001 marked the year the artist’s son became a long-term cancer survivor. This quilt embodies the aspects of dealing with cancer – the need for warmth and comfort, for a caring community, and for celebration of life’s joy. Just as cancer patients learn to reassemble their lives, these cancer survivors transformed scraps of fabric into a work of art. Participants in its creation ranged form toddlers to grandparents. Their enthusiasm for this cow shines through in the finished work.

This cow was sold in the live auction conducted by Sotheby's on December 6, 2001 at the Wortham Center.

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