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Cows have 32 teeth but they don't have any top front teeth.

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Title: Cowalillies
Location: City Hall: Smith and Walker
Artist: Roberta Alvarez Smith
Sponsor: Duke Energy

Cowallies, or “Lilly” as she is called by those closest to her, is wrapped in creamy white Calla lilies. There are tinges of yellow that highlight the flowers where the sunrays are reflecting. She is nestled comfortably in large green leaves that lovingly wrap around the lower part of the cow. Her face is a pale yellow; with purple edges that are reminiscent of the old Mexican tin dishes. These plates were painted in folk art style with charming little flower patters, and rich colors.

The artist expresses, “The inspiration for “Lilly” came from my love for the Calla Lilly and of the painter Diego Rivera. I think I am drawn to the strong, sleek form of the flower. It is a very dramatic and sensual shape. For me the Calla Lilly seemed a natural choice for the cow.”

This cow was sold in the live auction conducted by Sotheby's on December 6, 2001 at the Wortham Center.

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