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Cows can identify a smell up to five miles away.

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Title: Cow Express
Location: Houston Zoo: Children's Zoo
Artist: Shu-lnn Jenny Cheng
Sponsor: Betsy and Hughes Abell

Moo-moo! The Cow Express is coming to town! The artist painted her using acrylic paints with loose brush strokes. “I love showing a different assortment of textures to the viewers.” The train heading into town is loaded with a variety of candy and animals to bring joy and cheer the children. On this train ride, children can ride a hot air balloon, see the beautiful city and board a space shuttle to walk on the moon. The space shuttle emits a colorful rainbow that brightens the sky and the ground. When viewers come closer to the cow, they see the fish in the water, frogs and raccoons hidden in the cars.

When the artist Shu-Inn Jenny Cheng learned that the beneficiary of CowParade Houston 2001 is Texas Children’s Hospital, she wanted to paint a cow that would have a connection with children. Cheng states, “All I wish to present is a pleasant, colorful and peaceful wonderland to our children.” When Cheng visited New York City in 2000 with her husband, they were amazed by the spectacular display of CowParade New York. Cheng says, “It came to my attention through the news that CowParade Houston 2001 sought artists to paint more than 300 cows. I wanted to participate in this meaningful public art exhibit.”

She received a B.S. degree in Computer Information Systems. After working many years in the business field, she decided to make art a part of her life. “I found art a lot of fun.” She studied painting at the University of Houston. Her work has been displayed in several group exhibitions. She also received awards and her paintings are included in public and private collections. “I love my family and friends, and I wish to bring beauty and a sense of relaxation to them.”

This cow was sold in Flight 6 of the internet auction hosted by that ran from December 20, 2001 to January 8, 2002.

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