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Title: A Starry Night in Texas
Location: City Hall: Smith and Walker
Artist: Janis Harper
Sponsor: Duke Energy

This mosaic design of A Starry Night in Texas is a swirl of earthy colors created from broken clay tiles, marble tiles, and broken antique china plates. The artist created this masterpiece in memory of Ian Southard who died of leukemia at the Texas Children’s Hospital, and in support of Morea McDaniel, age 5, who is currently battling leukemia.

Janis is a native Texan – born and raised in the Houston area, currently residing in Dayton. Her interest in art started very early in life, and includes oil painting, tile mosaic work and clay projects. Teaching has been her primary position in the work world, having taught kindergarten, physical education, music, and art. She feels that art is truly an expression of one’s soul. Her work reflects the joys and sorrows she has felt in her life, and asserts that sometimes emotions can only be fully processed and expressed in an artistic endeavor.

This cow was sold in Flight 3 of the internet auction hosted by that ran from December 12 - 18, 2001.

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