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Title: Udderly Pumping Bovine
Location: 600 N. Dairy Ashford at I-10
Artist: Alicia Gates
Sponsor: Conoco, Inc.

Udderly Pumping Bovine was inspired by pump jacks in the ol' oil patch. This morphed Bovine pumps for that black gold operating on a 120-volt electronic motor located under her lift platform. Operating 24/7, the powerful motor helps Bovine do the work of the age old pumpers out in the field. Her pearly white paint keeps her shimmering in sunlight and twilight. With "Bringing Efficient Energy to the World" branded on her hip, she represents the pride, history and service of the energy industry. Udderly Pumping Bovine is one hard workin' heifer!

Alicia D. Gates is a Graphic Designer currently working with Conoco Visual Communications group. Gates, a native Texan, has a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Houston.

This cow was sold in Flight 3 of the internet auction hosted by that ran from December 12 - 18, 2001.

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