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Per day, a cow spends six hours eating and eight hours chewing cud.

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Title: Tattooed Bovine
Location: Memorial Park: Memorial Drive - Southside Ballpark Entrance
Artist: Georges Le Chevallier
Sponsor: CowParade Houston

Tattooed Bovine is the third in a series of Tattooed Bovines by artist Georges Le Chevallier, each specifically designed for CowParade New York, CowParade Kansas City and now CowParade Houston. The Tattooed Bovine Houston project was inspired by the tribal tattoos from the Maori people in the Pacific Ocean. According to LeChevallier, “in the last few years we have seen a new understanding and popular acceptance of tattoos here in the United States.”

George LeChevallier was born is Paris, France from a French father and Puerto Rican mother. The artist grew up in Puerto Rico, and lived in Madrid, Spain, Long Beach, California, and in New York City. LeChevallier currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

This cow was sold in Flight 3 of the internet auction hosted by that ran from December 12 - 18, 2001.

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