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Frequently Asked Questions

Who decorates the cows?
Before the start of a CowParade, area artists are invited to send us design submissions. The invitation is an "open call," extended to anyone - and submissions from children are encouraged. The designs are reviewed by a panel of experts and then offered to sponsors. The artists whose designs are selected by our sponsors receive an honorarium.

How can I become a CowParade Houston Artist?
CowParade sent out and advertised an "Open Call for Artists". Submitted designs will be reviewed by a panel comprised of CowParade Houston 2001, Inc. the Houston Host Committee, and other arts and community organizations to ensure that the designs conform to the Guidelines set forth in the artist application. Accepted designs become part of the official portfolio for selection by sponsors. Artists will be paid $1,500 if their design is selected and they complete the work in conformance with their design proposal within thirty (30) days of the live auction event. It is not too late to submit a design!

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Frequently Asked Questions
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