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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the cows when the exhibition is over?
Most of the cows go to a good cause as they are auctioned off for charity. A few cows go home to their sponsors where they may remain on display.

Where does the money go?
The money provided by sponsors is used to organize the CowParade. Proceeds from the cow auctions are given to designated local charities.

Why do cities host CowParade exhibitions?
CowParade is a people magnet. Residents and tourists alike enjoy traveling throughout the host city to find the cows. The artists appreciate the opportunity to have their work seen by millions. And CowParade is good for the community and for business. Chicago estimated that its CowParade brought in nearly $500 million in business to the city and some 2 to 3 million tourists just because of the cows!

Just who is responsible for CowParade?
CowParade Holdings was formed to develop and cultivate the CowParade concept and bring unique public art exhibitions to cities worldwide. In doing so, CowParade is helping to showcase the local arts community and stimulate civic spirit and pride while ultimately raising funds for local charities that in turn benefit the community. CowParade is designed to make art accessible to the masses by bringing it out of the museums and onto the streets and parks of a city. People are able to touch as well as see these unique canvases, making the art interactive and unlike anything that has ever been seen.

How can CowParade benefit my city?
CowParade has been such a hit that it has spawned some copycats. As the official developer, the original organization created to bring this unique public art exhibition to cities worldwide, CowParade Holdings brings significant event experience and investment to each host city, including the necessary expertise in operations, logistics, manufacturing, sponsorship, intellectual property and licensing. CowParade provides a turnkey event, with established brand equity. For further information on bringing CowParade to your city, please contact Ron Fox.

What's the purpose of CowParade Houston?
CowParade Houston is an exiting public art event of Houston, Texas and its surrounding communities designed to promote the arts and to benefit the Texas Children’s Hospital and the Texas Children’s Cancer Center.

What is CowParade Houston?
CowParade is a public art event featuring life-size, fiberglass cows painted and decorated by local artists. There are three styles of cows – standing, grazing and reclining – however, artists may paint, sculpt, transform and adorn the cow as he or she desires. CowParade Houston will consist of over 300 of these cow sculptures which will be transformed into magnificent works of art.

Where will the Cows be displayed?
The cows will be on display in public places throughout the Houston area, including, City Hall, Sam Houston Park, Tranquility Park, Jones Plaza, Market Square, and Bayou Place. Prior to the opening of the event, there will be a viewing guide showing where all the cows are.

When will the cows be on public display?
September 6 through November 6, 2001. After the exhibition, a number of the cows will be auctioned in a live and an internet auction.

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