Cow Parade Houston, TX2000

Elizabeth Hornik
Elizabeth Hornik grew up all over the country but her favorite state is Texas. After attending high school in Chicago and receiving a B.A. in art education from Eastern Illinois University, Hornik came back “home” to Houston. This year is her fourteenth year as an art teacher the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, HISD. Hornik has been active with her students in the Orange Show Art Car Parade for about six years. A few years ago Hornik went to visit Chicago and saw the CowParade for the first time. As Hornik states, “I absolutely fell in love with the cows and remember thinking about how this idea would work well in Houston with the unique eclectic art that often is produced from this city.” She attributes her completion of Udderfly to the help of her husband, David, and the patience of her children.

Cows in Houston, TX
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